Music Hackday SF and SF Music Tech

I had a great time in San Francisco at the Music Hackday and SF Music
Tech events. I worked on a new version of SongVoodoo
( and a mothers
day version of Songsicle (sign up at and I’ll hook you up
soon). The reactions I got for both were very positive and helps to
encourage me to push forward on these ideas.

SongVoodoo ended up winning the MusixMatch prize at Music Hackday so I
will be going to Italy at some point to hang/work with the crazy
italians that run the company. Much thanks to Franz and Max for their

I sent my mother a Songsicle message, as I was in San Francisco while
she was in New Jersey. The message said “Happy Mothers Day mom! Wish I
could be there” with the Stevie Wonder song “I Just Called To Say I Love
You” playing after. I called my dad back and recorded the full
conversation to get her reaction to it. Here it is:

Songsicle Testimonial
by frankdenbow

Product validated.

There were also lots of other amazing applications built over the

Marak of

This is an awesomeOpen-Source real-time multi-user audio sequencer in
the browser ( built on Node.js ). Really impressed by the progress on
this. It will be pretty fun for people to use once it is packaged up for
normal people to use.


Sing songs from a web interface using a speech synthesizer. Pretty ill
when you see it performed. Best demo of MHD.

By Lee Martin

Soundcloud + Songkick == Sex . Yup.

ByArshad Tayyeb Daniel
Scott San

Mobile dating app that sets up people in the same location who have
similar taste in music. Brilliant.

HueSound by

Browse music by picking colors and seeing matching cover art with those

SF Music Tech was also an amazing experience, meeting many cool people
in the music industry. Much is in the works from that, so stay tuned.
There was also free ice cream courtesy of Ice Cream
. Songsicle + Ice Cream Man in the
future? Definitely!