New York Tech Meetup Nomination


My name is Frank Denbow and I have been nominated to the NYTM board. For
the past year I have been involved in the NY tech community and have
learned a great deal from meeting many of you. Particularly, I have
enjoyed the discussions with people I have met at NYTM. I would love to
give back and support this community further by being involved with NYTM
as a board member.

For a few years in college, I ran my own events company, organizing
large scale dance and entertainment events in Pittsburgh. I learned a
great deal about long term planning and the last minute details that go
into organizing live events similar to the NYTM. From experience I know
that it is quite a task to put together these kinds of events, and you
must keep a cool head in crunch time when things may not go according to
plan. I hope I can bring some of this experience to this group. My goal
is to help out behind the scenes, helping find new startups and founders
to feature, and ensuring that you all get a great experience when you
come to the events.

Beyond this, I strive to help the NYTM organization expand beyond the
monthly event, to help serve its members even further. We can find ways
to support each other in our entrepreneurial endeavors, connect with NYC
as a whole, and improve the landscape of innovation in NYC. As a board
member, I would listen to your concerns and see to it that your
interests are being met in these regards.

Thanks for considering me :-)