NYC Startup Weekend

I participated in the NYC Startup
event this
past weekend and had an incredible experience. I had an idea for a voice
application that I could build on top of
Twilio. My team and I ended up
building SingSend which lets you
create a karaoke recording on your phone and send it to a friend. It is
still live and you can call 201-564-0921

The most enjoyable parts of the weekend for me were the small
conversations I had with many of the other attendees. Although my team
was officially only 4 people, there were another 20+ whose comments and
advice helped us figure out a vision for the weekend and the future. I
wonder how we can continue to have this kind of communal experience,
which likely includes sustaining this kind of atmosphere at venues like
New Work City.

You can see the video of our presentation
here with our rendition of one of the
classiest songs of the 90s, Sir Mix-a-lots magnum opus “Baby Got Back”.
If you don’t laugh, I cant help you :-)

A few of my favorite startups include:

  • Donor Universal:
    Using social media to help blood centers get people more engaged with
    donating blood. I love real social entrepreneurship (of the double
    bottom line kind) so I hope ideas like this one find a way to take off.

  • Foodo: By Alex Godin and Team Awesome,
    this application connects hungry diners with restaurants with open
    tables in a location (and time) based manner. Once they get the deals in
    place this could do very well.

  • DinnerOn : This is a take on
    communal dining that can help restaurants sell tables long in advance. I
    would definitely get one of these.

Much thanks go out to Shane
for putting
together such a great event. I have organized events in the
past and know that
it is never easy. Hope to make it to other Startup Weekend events in the

At the end of the event we won the “Spirit of the Event” award and will
be attending
next year! It looks like an amazing conference so we are excited to

See you all at the next Startup Weekend event in November!