Startup Summer by NY Tech Meetup

When I look back on my own
in technology, I find that my experiences in high school were critical
to me falling in love with technology and programming. NY Tech Meetup
(NYTM) is looking to help more students in NYC have a similar
experience, by joining them up with startups for 6 weeks during the

Partnering with Camp Interactive and MOUSE (local technology based
non-profit organizations), NYTM will help sponsor 30 or more students at
meaningful internships. Application are done through Futures & Options,
a non-profit that administers internships, with sponsorship support from
Microsoft and AT&T.

If you are at a startup and would like to participate in the program,
to submit your information. If you know students who may want to
participate, send them
More information can be found on the NYTM site